Impact wrenches: The Basics

Impact wrenches, also known as torque wrenches and air wrenches are a useful tool for all sorts of hands on jobs. They are frequently used by mechanics, construction and manufacturing. Impact wrenches save time and effort and are easy to use.
Impact wrenches work like this:

Inside the wrench there is what is called a hammer. The hammer is spun by the motor until it is moving at high speeds. This generates energy which is then put into place by quickly connecting the output shaft. This creates a large amount of torque.
Tools for use with an impact wrench:

Impact wrenches allow for a variety of sockets and other tools. These tools are made of high tensile strength metals as to prevent springback which reduces torque. Tools for use with impact wrenches must also be strong to be able to stay intact while being exposed to such high force. Because of this you must make sure to only use tools made for use with your impact wrench. If you don’t you could ruin your sockets or cause injury.
Tips for using an impact wrench:

Impact wrenches are fairly easy and straightforward to use. One tip that is very important for beginners is to remember to never apply too much torque. Applying too much torque can damage whatever you’re working on and can also cause dangerous accidents. Whenever I remove tires from a car I make sure to first break the lugs while the car is on the ground before using my impact wrench, and when I’m done, I make sure that I give the lugs a little torque but I hand tighten them to make sure the job is done right.
Maintaining your air wrench:

Maintaining your wrench is just as important as the rest of your tools. Its better to check over and do regular maintenance than to have to buy a new tool. I suggest you always check your wrench before use. Always take the time to make sure your wrench is clean. Make sure it is properly lubricated with the correct type of oil and that it is applying the correct amount of torque both forward and backward. If not, you should not use your tool until you have a technician look it over and find out what the problem is.
Oh and one more thing…

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