Essential Hand Tools for a DIY Woodworker

Getting a woodworking job done right requires the right tools. Every woodworker should have a set of tools that include these staples:Claw Hammer

A claw hammer is essential for most any DIY project. The claw hammer is good for putting in and removing nails from wood. A must have.

Retractable Measuring Tape

Retractable measuring tapes are very useful tools for all sorts of DIY tasks. Another must have item in any toolbox. I suggest the standard 25′ tape. Make sure your measuring tape has a good locking mechanism and it reads metric and standard.


A level is an important tool for any woodworking job. To make sure you’re as accurate as possible in your work I suggest a small level for your toolbox.

Layout Square

For making any kind of marks on your wood for cutting you’re going to need a layout square. This will help you make accurate cuts and measurements and is yet another important tool for your toolbox.