How to build a sandbox

Building your own sandbox is a cheap and easy way to liven up your yard for the kiddies. Instead of playing in the mud, build them a sandbox and they can play there! Sand washes off easier than mud!

1. Pick a spot and decide how big your sandbox will be
Pick a spot for your sandbox in a shady area. You don’t want to have to apply sunscreen every time the kids play in the sandbox. Also, when picking a spot, try to avoid an area with a ton of tree roots. That will make this a lot harder. Also, pick a spot where you can easily see the kids. For their safety!

2. Gather all of your supplies up
You will need:
  • Stone blocks for the walls
  • Landscaping Fabric and Staples
  • Sand
  • Shovel, Measuring Tape, Masonry Glue

3. Build
Once you have picked your spot and gathered the proper tools, its time to make things happen.
Mark off your sandbox dimensions and start digging! I suggest you dig about 6″ down. This will give the kids room to dig without hitting the fabric. Once you dig out your spot, you will want to lay down landscaping fabric. The fabric will prevent your sandbox from filling with weeds and other plants and burrowing insects. Its key! You can get “Earth Staples” to push into the ground and secure your fabric at any hardware store. I suggest you do that!

Once you have dug out your spot and put down your fabric, you can line the box with the blocks you chose. The cool thing about blocks is that they won’t degrade like a wood box and they wont warp either. You can use the masonry glue to affix the stone blocks together but make sure you let the glue cure for atleast 24-48 hours before you let your kids in the sandbox. When buying your sand, you can get special “play sand” that is made just for this purpose. I also suggest getting a tarp to cover up the sandbox. If you don’t cover it, lots of creatures will use it as a toilet and you may have stuff growing out of it even with the landscaping fabric. has a variety to choose from: Tarps

Of course there are other ways to do this, but this is a quick and easy way to make a really nice looking sandbox thats great for the kids.

Good luck and have fun!