More Than Just a Tool Supplier

One should always keep in mind that there’s always more than meets the eye, especially when it comes to shopping around for the perfect addition to your home. Although Tool Planet offers various tools that pertain to “do it yourself” projects, automotive service, metal working, and construction equipment, we also offer several items that improve the functions, entertainment, and décor of a home. Some consumers would probably never think to glance at our products when searching for the perfect Tiki Bar, pet hutch, cooking supplies, or clocks. At Tool Planet, We are committed to being your one-stop supplier of high quality tools and home and garden supplies at reasonable prices.

I’ve met plenty of DIYers and Contractors who renovated their own homes and love to flaunt to others the beauty of their updated kitchen, the stunning layout of the master bathroom, and the extensive amount of storage space added to the living room. Now – it’s time to decorate your humble abode, and Tool Planet can also assist you with that.

While showing off the home to friends, neighbors, family, or even clients, keep them entertained with the Sportsman Series Bamboo Tiki Bar and Stool Set. This handcrafted Bamboo Bar Set is made to look like an authentic island tiki bar, so it will deliver you the same bliss and relaxation that a tropical paradise would. Handcrafted from bamboo construction, the tiki bar is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The two bar stools stand at 30 inches (76.2 cm.) Also, there is a hanging glass rack to equip your tiki bar with glasses for everybody. Bottoms up!

Although an updated kitchen with an attractive appearance is important, the functions of a kitchen should still be applicable. That is why Tool Planet carries various cooking utensils such as the Sportsman 3 Pc Cast Iron Skillet Set, the 9” Jerky Gun, and the 9.5 Quart Cast Iron Roaster Pan.

Finally, the last thing you want to do is allow your guests to forget that you can Tool Timebuild things! That is why Tool Planet offers the decorative (and totally awesome) Grip On Tools 10″ Saw Blade Wall Clock. That’s right – they took a saw blade and made it into a clock! Now, whenever you look to see what time it is, you know that it’s Tool Time. =)

Keep in mind that Tool Planet does specialize in diamond cutting and drilling tools for use in concrete, masonry, tile and related construction fields. We also carry a full line of power tools, hand tools, automotive tools and materials handling equipment. But, don’t forget that we also carry items that pertain to the home as well.

Have a great day.