As we hit midweek on this rainy dreary Wednesday, I have a chance to think about what’s all going on at ToolPlanet. I have just realized how busy we have been here in the last couple months, implementing a lot of new things into the site and the business. We have quite a bit on our plate!

First of all, Kara has been adding a massive number of new items to our store. We are roughly doubling the amount of items we carry. A huge number of these additional items are automotive tools. This huge amount of new items will hopefully be a boon to our business and give our customers a wider range of items to choose from. This is kind of a big project for us so we’re hoping it pays off!

Next up, Tom and I have been working hard on optimizing our site for better usability and traffic. This ties into the new items we will be carrying as well. We are working to better categorize our products and make our store easier to navigate for our customers.

Lastly, everyone has been working to fix any errors we may have on our site. We have just nailed down 170 or so missing pictures but we plan on doing a more in-depth search for errors after we finish with our new stock.

These projects are taking up most of our time lately but I think that they will make a huge improvement to our site.

Stay with us!