How does a tile saw work?

A tile saw cuts a variety of types of tile. Types of tile include granite, marble and ceramic tile. Tile saws, like other similar saws, utilizes a diamond blade to cut. These blades are very hard and rotate at a high speed to slowly chip away material through abrasion. Tile saws are considered wet saws because they need to have their blade cooled with water in order to work properly.

What size saw do you need?

At our store we have a few different sizes of saw.

For a do-it-yourself job I would suggest getting a small bench saw. We carry a 4″ and 7″ blade saw for small jobs around the house. Not only are these saws small, but they are easy to use and put together. These tile saws are perfect for tiling a small bathroom or other small jobs such as a backsplash.

If you are a contractor or are doing bigger projects I would suggest a larger saw with a bigger blade. We carry up to 10″ blade tile saws. These saws often have a variety of extra features to get the job done quickly and accurately. Our 27″ tile saw even includes a laser for cutting accuracy.

Don’t forget, safety first!

Have fun cutting 🙂